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About Varied / Student Kiri B. Siehl25/Female/United States Groups :iconurameshi-fans: urameshi-fans
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Kiwi-Chan269 has started a donation pool!
200 / 1,000
Point Commissions: OPEN (Slightly restricted to friends at the moment, but depends.)
Money Commissions: CLOSED Since apparently no one's interested or just doesn't have the money.

-Commission Type-

Bust Shot: 5pts
Full Body: 10pts
Chibi: 20pts (Only because they like giving me trouble to draw them xD;;; )
Added Characters: 5pts/2$ Each (Counts as a whole character, so no matter what it is, its just 5pts )
Background: 20 (Only because I'm not perfect at them yet, so I'm still trying to improve, if you've noticed the lack of backgrounds in most of my gallery xD; )

-Drawing Type-

-By Hand
Pencil Sketch: 5pts
Pencil Outline: 10pts
Pen Sketch: 15pts
Pen Outline: 20pts

Lineart: 50pts
Lineart/Color: 75pts


-2 Characters Fullbody/One Character plus One added (10+5=15pts) + Tablet Color (75pts) = 90pts

-When donating the points for the commissions, donate the full total that the drawing comes out to be, please <3
-NO REFUNDS, if what I did for you needs fixing, just ask me about it and I'll change it. Don't ask for points OR cash back, please.
-NOTE ME when asking for either one x3 ( Points OR Money Commissions)

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Kiri B. Siehl
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
-ID Pic above is a drawing request done for me by someone else, I didnt draw it xD The ID Artwork was made by DA's :iconfrijole007: and :iconanobouzu:

-Illidan User-Icon source is on Tumblr (Need official source if its on DA)

An avid roleplayer with anything ranging from Anime, Manga, Video/Card/Computer games x3 I have a lot of interests but my gallery should show quite a few <3

OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK Pairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolf I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Stamp: Stop SOPA by TheRyanFord Kid at Heart by savagebinn nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221

Current Residence: USA, California
Favourite genre of music: anime/Pop/Rock/Romance Etc.
Favourite photographer: Greyfinch (DA), Pornograph (DA), Other people that Photo Cosplay
Favourite style of art: Anime or Manga
Operating System: Computer
MP3 player of choice: Dell or Ipod
Shell of choice: none
Wallpaper of choice: Varies
Skin of choice: none
Favourite cartoon character: A Lot
Personal Quote: None
*02/07/2016 UPDATE* I'm really sorry for the lack of any information or shown work on this project, but honestly the last few months since last year have been unusually stressful for me. Not to mention a recent ear infection sickness, though its slowly getting better and at least doesn't hurt anymore. With Holidays always being a big thing with the family I live with besides the room mates, school, and stress with room mates, its been difficult to get back into working on anything, besides this project in general. I do plan to continue it eventually, or at least get a draft of the first chapter up. But even then the first one is a bit small, so I plan on looking over everything to see if I can add more and tweak it up a bit. Thankyou for anyone that's been waiting for an update, and sincere apologies for taking so long for a new notice x.x; I know trying to make an rpg maker game isn't easy in the slightest, since I dont even know how to use the program yet myself, nor do I have a computer viable to run it unless Vista can handle it xD; I'm trying my best to get back into the swing of things, both with this and art too. For those of you that volunteered for help, and are still interested, thankyou for your patience, and also know that anyone else willing to join in for the project is free to whenever they like <3 Any help with making this game happen is more than appreciated enough >w<

*NEW* For those that I noted/sent my game information document file to, I edited it so I'll have to resend it ><; Apologies. ALSO, for those that want to volunteer, whether with Coding, Beta Testing, Artwork for cut scenes, etc, I have no way of getting income atm since I'm still in classes for school. So I wouldnt be able to pay anyone considering commissioning help/volunteering from others. So if you volunteer, if its for fun then join in and have at it, but otherwise if you're looking for a way to earn money, I wouldnt be able to help you TT.TT;;;

*NEW AGAIN* Gah, never thought I'd update a journal so much in one day XD; Anyway, I just realized that maybe making a group for this game and its development would help out a lot more, especially for storing files, sprites, face sets, etc. BUT my only problem is that I'm already the admin of 3 groups I cant exactly leave, and I dont have the money to upgrade to core to create a group and be the admin to a 4th. If anyone that's already volunteered, or wants to volunteer to make a group and help out this way, it would be a BIG help. Sadly I dont have any points or money to give, like stated before with art/commissioning help from others, so I hope this isnt too much of an inconvenience for everyone ><;

When growing up, most people quit believing in things like myths or fairy-tales. But do they ever stop to think that it might actually exist and they're unable to see them? With or without proof, turning an ignorant eye to anything never brings about anything pleasant. Especially those things that everyone, and even you yourself fear most...

All that crawls in your closets. Creatures that creep under your bed. Legions that lurk and lay in wait until you're weak and all alone. What would you do then, when they take you to their world of nightmares? No one to save you. No one to hold you. No one to tell you that everything is going to be alright and console you...All by yourself...In the dark.

*07/19/2015 UPDATE*
I have started typing down information on the game, what characters would or could be involved, as well as having typed out the official main plot theory, game narration introduction dialogue, and the rough draft of the first chapter/TINY bit of the start of the second chapter after it. Like really, really tiny bit. Honestly I never thought I could actually keep my mind on a project like this, but even though its going a bit slower than I'd like, I'm still getting thrills from all the possible ideas :D (Big Grin) Anyway, I will not disclose any of this updated information specifics to DA yet, but I will be showing it to those that I trust, and those that have possibly/volunteered to help with this game. I reiterate, Hetalia: In The Dark is now as OFFICIALLY TAKEN TITLE. Please do not copy or steal, and if anyone does see someone else using it, let me know and report them for art/etc theft if possible. (Now, I'M NOT SAYING HETALIA IS MINE. I'm just saying that if someone wanted to make their own fan-heta-game, PLEASE choose another title, since I've come up with, and are using this one, etc. Axis Powers Hetalia itself and its characters belong to Hidekaz Himamura...Hoping I got the name right xD; Its a bit tricky to memorize for me still.) Anyway, wanted to let you guys know, as well as saying hey, this account isnt dead XD;;;

*Any skilled volunteers are welcome, since making any rpg-maker game takes planning, as well as knowing how to code and use the program, besides inserting pieces of art, face-sets of characters, editors and writers for story planning, etc. Message me by note on DA, and make the title 'Hetalia:ITD Volunteer App.' I already have about two or three volunteers, and please remind me by DA Note on who you are in case I by chance forgot. Just trying to cover all my bases here, since I do have a bit of a life outside the computer, and it can be very stressing, distracting, and so I may not remember completely or right away.*

-List of Current Volunteers-

*Will allow more than one volunteer on a certain subject, like the two shown below, BUT there will be a limit to how many.*

:iconbringmemisery: Art/Screenshots/Cover Art (Game intro screen background) (Also helping to make a DA group for this game, too :D )
:iconangel-of-britannia: Coding and Programming
:iconsakurahonda93: Beta Tester

The game wont just be a visual novel and will be similar to Heta-Oni/Dreamtalia/HetaFire in the aspect of rpg fighting and battles. And this is all I have so far. Like I said before, any help or advice is well welcomed. Thankyou <3

  • Mood: It's Hot
  • Listening to: Youtube Music/Heta Game Stuff
  • Reading: Multiple Manga, Novels, Other
  • Watching: Markiplier LPs/Heta Game Stuff
  • Playing: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
  • Eating: Coffee
  • Drinking: Coffee

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